Social platforms have been at the forefront of digital marketing efforts for quite some time now. Just about every business needs a Facebook page if they want to stay competitive, but it’s important to recognize just how many opportunities businesses have for social media selling.

When social media first took hold, companies used Friendster, MySpace and the others for advertising. It was a way to redirect their audience to their own site, where they could make a purchase. These days, however, consumers can buy products directly through social media.

Platforms like Pinterest and Facebook are brilliant when it comes to offering your customers new ways to buy your products. Selling through social media is easy, as long as you do it right. Learn all about selling products through Pinterest and Facebook and discover how you can leverage these popular platforms to boost your conversion rate and increase your revenue.

Who Is Listening to Your Brand?

The first step to any kind of marketing effort is to get to know your audience, and that’s especially true for selling products through Pinterest and Facebook. Just about everyone is on Facebook now, as it’s the largest social media platform by far — even after the privacy scandals of 2018. Their revenue is still going strong, and their user base is holding, so don’t expect much to change in the near future. When marketing through Facebook, you just need to know which part of the user base you’re trying to appeal to.

While Facebook has users from a variety of demographics, many marketing professionals tend to think of Pinterest users as scrapbooking moms. While that certainly does make up a good portion of their user base, it’s essential to recognize that Pinterest users are surprisingly varied. In fact, 40 percent of Pinterest users are men, and that opens up a whole new world of marketing opportunities. Pinterest even offers tools to help you zero in on your target audience, like the Pinterest Taste Graph consisting of 5,000 interest categories. This can actually get you a more refined audience than even Facebook’s ad tools.

Your Facebook Shop

The fully integrated Facebook shop is more comprehensive than any other shopping experience on a social media platform. You can upload all the products you like to your Facebook shop for free and connect those products with payment options like PayPal or Stripe. With this, you can create a comprehensive store for your brand, but you’ll have to manage it all by yourself. If you already have an e-commerce shop on your own site, managing that and your Facebook shop independently can be a lot of work.

Fortunately, you can link your Facebook shop with other e-commerce platforms, allowing you to take advantage of Facebook-independent management tools for shipping, processing and more. This also gives you opportunities to expand in the future. While the Facebook user base is huge, you’ll still find more chances for conversions when you also use platforms like Amazon and Pinterest. 

Selling Products With Pinterest ‘Pins’

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Data from Pinterest.

When it comes to marketing on Pinterest, buyable pins are among the best methods for making sales. After you’ve set up your business account on Pinterest, create buyable pins for your products. They allow consumers to instantly make a purchase, right from Pinterest. You just have to have an e-commerce platform like Shopify set up already. With buyable pins set up, users will have a “Buy it” button right next to the “Pin it” button whenever they view a post, so making a purchase is easier than ever.

Utilizing buyable pins is just the beginning of selling on Pinterest, however, as there are also rich pins and promoted pins. Rich pins allow you to categorize your pins more easily, and the category most e-commerce businesses need to take advantage of is product pins. Product pins are what connect your Pinterest account to your online store, and they allow for real-time updates for availability, pricing and more. Additionally, you can pay for promoted pins that essentially function as a Pinterest-centered cost-per-click campaign.

Social Media Selling and Symphonic Digital

Social networks that facilitate ecommerce are going to take their cut. If you don’t handle the campaigns the right way, selling your products through Pinterest and Facebook can become more expensive than it’s worth. Done properly, however, these avenues can create huge returns for your business.

It’s a lot to tackle on your own. With help from Symphonic Digital, you can have proven expertise on your side, working to boost returns as much as possible. We take a data-driven approach to all our digital marketing efforts and constantly monitor progress to make adjustments when necessary. Contact us today to learn more about how we can optimize your social media selling.