Google Ads, previously known as AdWords, is useful — if not mandatory — for your business.

Unfortunately, the platform can be extremely frustrating to use.

While ads can go a long way in driving traffic to your site when done correctly, writing ad copy that actually works seems almost impossible given the character limits and restrictions on common call-to-action words. Some companies can hardly fit the name of their business or product in the title, much less a convincing pitch.

Instead of pulling your hair out over these frustrating restrictions, consider what you can do to actually craft compelling ad copy. It may be a challenging endeavor, but you can do it as long as you have the right strategy. Here’s how to write Google Ads copy that works by driving more traffic from your target audience to your site.

Keep The Search Engine User’s Goals in Mind

When someone conducts a search, they have a particular goal in mind that they want to accomplish. Your Google ad headline needs to present itself as the easiest way to accomplish this goal. Always focus on the solution rather than the problem, but make sure the problem is clearly defined within your solution. That sounds like a lot for limited characters, so this example might help.

Let’s assume you run an exterminator business. Someone who could use your services might search for something like, “how to get rid of roaches.” With that kind of search, your ad copy needs to provide an answer to their inquiry. Something like “Dealing With Roaches?” won’t be sufficient. You already know they’re dealing with roaches, so don’t waste the space. Instead, offer a solution like, “Kill Roaches Fast.”

how to write ads for Google AdWords: even a dead roach can do it

Leverage FOMO With Google Ads Copy

Loss aversion, or “fear of missing out” (FOMO), as many call it, can actually be advantageous when mastering how to write Google Ads. Google has added a handy countdown timer you can include in your ad that shows how much time is remaining on your offer. When people see your ad without a timer, they may just wave it off, thinking they might come back to it later. With the timer, however, they can literally see their time running out, rendering them more likely to click.

Use Current and Specific Campaign Data

People love numbers. Including numerical data in your ad copy tends to lead to better engagement with your audience. This is because people naturally believe that sources that offer data are more credible than those that don’t. With this in mind, consider quantifying your services when writing ad copy. If you offer test prep services, show the number of courses you offer. If you’re part of a law firm, detail how much money your clients won in cases or settlements last month.

Personalize Your Google Ads Copy

Personalization is the key to effective marketing these days, and there are plenty of strategies you can use to make your audience feel like they matter. There are certain power words you can use in your Google ad headlines that are more likely to draw attention such as, “you,” “we,” “us” and similar words. Customers want to know how they can benefit, so talk about helping them with their goals rather than bragging about how trustworthy and award-winning you are.

Customers also like to know that solutions for their search inquiries are available right around the corner. Even if you operate on a global scale, you need to make your content localized enough to draw attention from people anywhere. Find out areas where many of your core audience members live and buy phone numbers in those areas. If your Google Ad leads to a local phone number, you’ll have a much better rate of conversion.

Get Help With Your PPC Campaigns

If you prefer to focus on your business instead of learning how to write Google Ads that work, you can leave the heavy lifting to Symphonic Digital. Our expert team members have plenty of experience in the area, and they write Google Ads copy for hundreds of paid search campaigns every day, creating compelling headlines with a personalized and effective copy. Contact Dave, Steffen and Shawn today to start crushing it with your business advertising..