All over the world, people have braced themselves for a trip back to the Upside Down and the return of everyone’s favorite psychic tween. We’re huge fans of Stranger Things here at the Symphonic offices. In anticipation of the new season, we got to talking about how well parts of the show translate to real life concepts.

For instance, Eleven’s journey to control her powers and fight monsters makes for a pretty interesting marketing allegory. The more you dig into it, the more you realize that every digital marketing agency can learn from Eleven.

Brands looking for the best digital marketing services should seek out agencies that can match Eleven’s panache. If you don’t believe us, consider the following special abilities Eleven has and ask yourself if your agency is like Eleven or are you living in the Upside Down?

1. She’s Been In the Upside Down and Understands It. Yet, She Speaks Plain English Once She Gets to Know You

Eleven saw her fair share of unusual phenomenon while journeying to other dimensions. But, by getting to know other people, she can explain what she saw and tell people about it in plain terms.

The world of digital marketing data can get pretty deep. Much like diving into the Upside Down, taking a look at the data side of everything completely changes your perspective. Suddenly, things that you take for granted don’t apply when you can see things from within the data dimension.

Similarly, your digital marketing agency should have extra-dimensional perspectives through data analytics and solutions. From pixel tracking to AdWords scripts, and from CRM integrations to Google Analytics set up, they must use their abilities to go beyond the obvious and gain control over real-world concepts.

Yet, just like how Eleven uses the D&D board to explain where Will went, your agency should also be able to show you a clear, concise dashboard displaying results and concepts. You receive the facts that matter to you as a business. You also leave out all the technobabble you would neither need nor would completely understand.

2. She Saves You From Bullies

Often, big industry providers want to push you into throwing money at a campaign rather than spending your budget efficiently. They may also pressure you into considering solutions that don’t really fit your needs.

Your digital marketing agency should be your partner and your protector against doing things that aren’t in your best interests. They should always speak up and tell you when a bigger budget is not the answer, sparing you from people who would bully you into doing the wrong thing.

3. She’s Trained in International Espionage

Researchers assigned Eleven the mission to spy on foreign intelligence. She ended up finding the monster from the Upside Down, but she was still able to gather information that helped humanity prepare for a threat.

Your own digital marketing agency should train their vision on what other people are doing throughout the world. By keeping an eye on competitors and digital marketing trends, they can prepare you for any threats on the horizon.

4. She’ll Bleed for You…

Your agency should willingly do whatever it takes to protect your interests and act as a true partner.

You need a digital marketing agency that, like Eleven, will bleed for you — though not literally — and an agency that is capable of working with you toward your goals without giving up. If you are working with a tight deadline or a project where the results just aren’t working, they redouble their efforts and do everything in their power to help you succeed.

5. … But Her Abilities Can Be Deteriorated After a Big Bleed

As part of Eleven’s character development, she realizes that people have to treat her a certain way if they consider her their friend.

As a partner with an agency, recognize too that we all have boundaries and limitations. Changing campaign goals when already started, asking for last minute changes or questioning strategies and tactics can all be a natural part of business. But, if that becomes a habit, the agency-client partnership can deteriorate.

Since you want your digital marketing agency ready for anything, you have to understand the limitations of their powers.

Be Smart. Find a Digital Marketing Agency Like Eleven

Symphonic Digital may not be able to crush Coke cans with our minds, but we do go anywhere and do almost anything for our clients. Find out why we have the chops to slay even your scariest marketing boogeymen when you take a look at our digital marketing services today.

Also, enjoy the second season of Stranger Things! And have a spooky and safe Halloween!

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