Facebook is the world’s most popular social media network, with almost 3 billion users, according to Statista. With continued growth over the previous 20 years, Facebook provides incredible advertising opportunities, helping your clients reach a global audience! 


While extremely effective, we know that Facebook advertising can be a chore. It involves identifying the right audience, positioning ads in the correct place, and creating attention-grabbing ads from scratch. Don’t you have other tasks to complete? Investing in white label Facebook ads can free up your agency’s time and resources and let you focus on more important tasks. Let us tell you more. 


What is Facebook advertising? 

Advertising on Facebook is a no-brainer for many of your clients. When done right, promoting products and services on this platform results in lucrative opportunities for clients wanting to increase visibility, drive revenue, expand their reach, and grow their business. 


Facebook ads are text, image, video, and other advertisements that appear on users’ feeds, Facebook Messenger, and apps and websites not related to the social network platform. Users who see these ads will learn about your clients’ offerings, perhaps for the first time.


If tasked with creating Facebook ad campaigns for a client, you might want to delegate this responsibility to a third-party company. Our white label Facebook advertising agency can grow your client’s business with customized Facebook solutions. We take care of everything Facebook ads-related, so you don’t have to do any of the hard work. Our white label Facebook ads solution lets you focus on other marketing tasks in your company, such as email and social media marketing.


What are the different types of Facebook advertisements? 

Here are some of the different ads that you can hand over to a white label Facebook advertising specialist: 


Image ads

These ads let your clients showcase a product or service with a photo and optional footer. Image ads are simple but effective.


Video ads

These ads promote a client’s offerings through a single video, which might increase audience engagement. They appear in feeds and Facebook Stories.


Poll ads

Poll ads let your clients interact with audiences on mobile devices. Advertisers can create a poll that includes a question with two possible answers. For example, “Which of your products do you prefer? A or B?”


Messenger ads

These ads open in Facebook Messenger and allow clients’ customers to communicate with a salesperson or service rep. That can be great for increasing revenue or resolving customer complaints.


Not sure which ads are best for your clients’ audience? Invest in our white label Facebook ads service! We can create a metrics-driven campaign that does all the heavy lifting for your company, taking the pain out of social media advertising. There’s no need to hire a Facebook marketing expert in-house when you can simply outsource your responsibilities to our white label Facebook ads management team. 


What can you do to make Facebook advertising valuable for your client? 

As previously mentioned, Facebook advertising requires lots of work that you might not have the time or resources for. Here are some of the things you’ll need to do to make Facebook advertising valuable for your clients:


Facebook ads setup 

You’ll need to create a Facebook ads account for a client and then create image, video, poll, and other ads in-house. That involves writing ad copy, choosing visuals, filming videos, and conveying your client’s brand voice and style. Completing these tasks can take several hours every week. 


Conversion tracking

You’ll need to measure the effectiveness of ads for your client with Facebook’s analytical tools and third-party platforms. That can help you identify whether your ads converted Facebook users into website visitors or paying customers. The problem is that analytical tools can be difficult to navigate, resulting in poor-quality metrics that provide no value to your client. 


Audience research

Facebook advertising involves a great deal of research. You’ll need to identify audiences most interested in your client’s offerings, segment those customers into groups, and target them at the right time. 


White label reporting

Your client will require in-depth analytics to learn about every aspect of your Facebook campaigns. So you’ll also need to create white label dashboards that your client can show to stakeholders and team members. These dashboards need to match your client’s brand and include their logo and visual identity. 


Investing in white label Facebook ads means you don’t need to do any of the tasks above and can get back to running your business. Let us take care of setup, conversions, audience research, and reporting with our customized white label Facebook ads services. 


How much will Facebook advertising cost? 

The cost of Facebook ads depends on the size and marketing budget of your client. Some companies spend hundreds of dollars on these ads, while others spend thousands. Facebook charges advertisers a fee every time someone clicks on their ads (cost per click, or CPR) and every time 1,000 people view their ads (cost per thousand impressions, or CPM). However, auctions determine what the CPR or CPM will be. If you are bidding against a lot of competitors wanting to advertise on the platform, expect to pay more.


As you can see, working out the costs of a Facebook ads campaign is complicated. That’s why it’s a good idea to leave things to the experts! We specialize in white label Facebook ads pricing, helping you save money for your client. It’s just one of our many white label Facebook ads solutions. 


Facebook Marketing with Symphonic Digital

With its incredible reach and influence, Facebook is a fantastic place for your clients to advertise their offerings. However, executing a Facebook ads campaign can be challenging, especially when you have other digital marketing tasks to get on with. So why not delegate this job to a white label Facebook ads specialist like Symphonic Digital? We can build a killer campaign for your client without them ever knowing you outsourced Facebook advertising to a third-party expert.


Invest in Symphonic Digital’s white label Facebook ads solutions now!