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Symphonic Digital is led by Agency Veterans, who worked for global media agencies like Mindshare, Universal McCann, Organic, Mediacom, and others. We assembled a team of experts that help medium and large-size agencies scale and grow fast.

Our mission as your white label digital marketing agency partner is to offer unparalleled service levels, whether you need a short-term solution or a long-term partner or whether you need execution support or strategic guidance. Our engagement is customized to your agency’s needs.

Our team consists of:

  • Agency Success Managers
  • Performance Marketing Managers
  • Account Strategists
  • Support Specialists (AD Ops, Reporting, Analytics)

Setting You Up For Success

Communication is vital to ensure the success of our engagement with you and to become an extension of your team. Our Agency Success Managers are focused on setting up the right engagement approach from the beginning, understanding how you work and how we seamlessly can fit in. Your single point of contact focuses on onboarding new accounts, facilitating inquiries, allocating talent, and more. 


  • Onboarding Strategy
  • Executive Oversight
  • Account Team Lead
  • Partnership Growth & Development

White-Label Marketing Solutions

Getting the strategy right from the beginning ensures your clients’ campaigns are “set up for success.” Whether you have an in-house strategist and need temporary support or need a long-term solution, our strategists are ready to draft winning solutions. They have over 10+ years of experience across all digital marketing solutions within a wide range of industries.

Our strategists and channel leads can develop advanced media strategies and/or post as your solution lead.


  • Developing Cross-Channel Campaign Strategy
  • Posts as Solution Leads
  • Team Resource Management
  • Advanced Solution Development

Experts at Work for Your Clients

Our execution team consists of channel experts instead of generalists. Instead of being a jack of all trades, they are specialists in no more than two channels, e.g., Paid Search and Paid Social. This ensures they are able to get the most out of your clients’ media investment and maximize the ROI. In addition, our accomplished channel specialists have a minimum of 5 years of experience, helping you succeed from day one and not learning the job on your clients’ dime.

For every engagement, we assemble the right team based on your clients industry, campaign goals, and channels. The account manager manages the campaign on a day-to-day basis, from set up, optimization to reporting. Whether you need Facebook or Pinterest specialist to increase your clients’ sales or a CRO specialist to optimize a website to increase the conversation rate across all channels, we have the right team for you.


  • Campaign Set Up & Management
  • Campaign Performance & Growth
  • Best Practice Management
  • Process & Automation Improvements

Gaining the Right Insights

Keeping you in the loop on how your clients’ campaigns are performing is important to us. We want you to be able to check on your accounts at any point in time and see the performance. To ensure data accuracy and accurate reporting, we can help you audit your clients’ analytics setup. Identified issues can be fixed by our team if you or your client do not have the capabilities.

Our white-labeled reporting dashboards are accessible 24/7 and can be easily shared with your clients. This enables your client and you to see every key performance indicator (KPI) whenever you need to. Once a month, our analytic experts and account managers tell you everything about last month’s performance and provide you with recommendations on how to further improve the campaigns.

Our white-labeled reporting dashboards include:

  • An overview of all campaigns we manage for each of your clients doesn’t matter what channel or data source.
  • Information on which optimizations we applied during the past month, including insights on the collected data and the impact on the campaign.
  • Monthly recommendations on how to further improve the campaigns and opportunity to expand activities.

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Supporting Your Growth

Whether you’re looking to deepen your existing relationship or you are pitching for new business, Symphonic Digital is here to help. Below are some of the ways we have helped other agencies grow their business.

Existing Clients

At Symphonic, we are 100% focused on your agency’s success. We not only help you to manage your clients’ accounts but to grow them too. As part of the monthly reporting, we provide you with account expansion opportunities, which includes:


  • Identifying growth potential within an existing channel, e.g., new audiences, keyword expansions, additional inventory, low impression share, etc.
  • Recommending additional channels that allow us to engage with your clients’ target audiences at scale and within the campaign target parameters.
  • Helping you to sell the account expansion opportunities on the phone with you.

New Clients

In addition to expanding your scope of work with existing accounts, we help you grow your business through the acquisition of new clients. Our business development team can support you with a variety of solutions.


  • Our campaign audits are frequently requested by our agency partners. The outcome of an audit is an in-depth analysis of the areas of a target account that need to be improved.
  • Our pitch support goes from providing budget recommendations for future campaigns to developing the campaign strategy for an RFP. We can even pitch together with you as a member of your team!

A Personalized White-Label Digital Marketing Solution

We know that no engagement is the same. Therefore, we adjust our working relationship with new agency clients based on their needs and their processes. Needs change over time, and we want to help you eliminate pain points. That is why our engagements can be short terms or long-term. You decide!

Our goal, to become an extension of your team and fit in naturally.

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