Between the rise of mobile, native and video ad formats, display advertising has had a renaissance recently. The best display advertising banner sizes and ad formats have helped brands of all types find success.

Technologies like retargeting and ad personalization have pushed performance even further, but the success of display ad campaigns often comes down to basic elements. Finding the right format and size for your display ads online is now as important as choosing the right billboard location along a busy freeway.

To help marketers and businesses meet their goals more easily, they must take note of the most popular banner ad sizes and how to best use them. What follows is our personal top 10 banner sizes based on popularity, overall effectiveness, and their ability to perform.

10. 300×600 Half Page Column Banner Ad

This rather large ad size takes up a column that’s almost as big as most site content. This positioning gives the ad premium-level exposure. But that of course comes at a premium-level price. Therefore, this ad size typically works best when coupled with a high-converting campaign or for brands just looking to drive awareness.

9. 300×250 Medium Rectangle

This Goldilocks-sized ad is not too big, not too small. Google says that it performs especially well when embedded within text or adjacent to headlines. At the same time, the fairly small resolution limits the types of layouts and ad messages you can utilize. Most brands find success with an eye-catching visual accompanied by actionable text.

Since the 300×250 rectangle has compatibility with both mobile and desktop display networks, it accounts for more than a third of all ad impressions overall.

8. 728×90 Leaderboard Ad

These small ads usually get optimal positioning high up above the fold on content, usually just below the site header. Optimal positioning generates a high volume of impressions and clicks. These factors make it one of the top performing GDN ad sizes.

7. 160×600 Wide Skyscraper

While 120×600 “skyscraper” ads can be hard to design readable layouts for, the “wide skyscraper” format affords a little breathing room. The extra space and vertical layout allows brands to draw the eye naturally downward, letting them serve as a type of mini landing page to lubricate conversions. The best versions of these ads use ample white space for visual clarity, so avoid clutter at all costs.

6. 336×280 Large Rectangle

The “large rectangle” banner ad size is over 25% bigger than the medium version. It also maintains a fairly modest footprint on page layouts or wrapped within text. As a result, advertisers have much more room to play around with creative ad designs and messaging without feeling disruptive to content readers. Dynamic and video ads perform especially well at this size since they have solid visibility and a favorable price:average performance ratio.

5. 320×100 Large Mobile Banner

Our top five ad sizes will all apply specifically to mobile. After all, mobile advertising accounts for over 60% of all digital ad spending and a quarter of media spending in total.

In terms of performance and price, the long 320×100 leaderboard ad serves more than adequately. Brands can fit a variety of ad layouts in this format, including either predominantly visual or text-based ads.

4. 250×250 Square

Square 250×250 ads have compatibility with both desktop and mobile, providing ample cross-platform inventory. On mobile, the convenient size of the square ad often leads to optimal placement near the top of content. That said, the small size and symmetric shape can make engaging and interesting-looking ads more difficult to design.

3. 320×50 Standard Mobile Banner

The smaller mobile banner size may have less room for design elements, but it also conveniently fits at the bottom of the screen near the home button. This positioning provides high visibility and a high level of inventory availability. In fact, 22% of all mobile ad impressions come from this ad size.

2. 300×250 ⇒ 320×600 Expandable Ads

Expandable ads — also known as “click to expand” ads — invite user engagement through strong CTAs. When users give into the urge to “Click to Learn More!” they are introduced to the next step of the marketing funnel without leaving their app or webpage environment. Most users prefer this arrangement compared to being directed off-page, which leads to a higher volume of clicks.

Best of all, CPC bids only count if the consumer then clicks the expanded ad to visit the landing page. Advertisers therefore get granular data as to how effective their expandable ad is for each type of conversion.

1. 320×480 Interstitial Ads

Mobile interstitial ads have a near 100% guarantee that they will be seen. Because they appear over the top of content and must be Xed out of to view the content, they have the highest viewability of any ad type. The large ad format also gives marketing teams an open canvas to use the most effective messaging, imagery, CTAs and ad layout possible.

Yet, interstitial ads come as a double-edged sword. They have the highest CPC of any ad type, so marketers must be certain that a large portion of clicks lead to conversions. They must also be aware that many clicks will be accidental as consumers try to X out from the ad.

Develop a Strategy for Using the Best Display Advertising Banner Sizes With a Proven Digital Marketing Agency

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