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How many times have you clicked on a display ad? We don’t mean when you’ve done it by mistake … We mean when you actually wanted to see more of what was being advertised?

Thanks to the copious amount of online ads you encounter each day, you have probably developed “banner blindness,” meaning you ignore the hard sales pitch those banners hurl your way. This makes it difficult for businesses trying to get their message out, but there is a solution that can help advertisers reach their target audience effectively and without annoying them. That solution is native advertising.

Rather than appearing as a banner on the side of a web page, native advertising appears “naturally” within the content the user is consuming. It is written like any other content you’d find on a publisher’s website, so readers can enjoy the kind of copy they’d expect from the site while also learning about what goods and/or services you have to offer.

Symphonic Digital will make sure your business’s message is seamlessly delivered to your audience via the content they love to see.

Our Approach to Native Advertising

At Symphonic, we take a multipronged approach to native advertising. First, we get to know your vision and your business. Every company is different, and your unique voice is what will set you apart in your native advertising campaigns.

No two publisher websites are the same, either. We’ll make sure your message matches the editorial voice of the publisher where your advertising appears. Our team has experience with all the major platforms, so you can trust us to make sure your native ads are a natural fit.

We can help you find where your target audience already goes, allowing you to pinpoint potential customers who have needs that your business can fulfill.

By combining publisher style and pinpointed audience accuracy, our team can craft an effective and creative native ad that’s effective for your unique business goals. Additionally, our team collects performance data, allowing us to refine our strategy to ensure that every native ad is more effective than the last.

Tips and Tricks for Native Advertising

Native advertising can be tricky, especially if you don’t have experience adopting your “voice” to other platforms. There’s a nuance to it, and there are a few tips and tricks every native advertiser should keep in mind for their campaigns.

Do’s for Native Advertising:

  • Know Your Audience: Knowing your audience is the only way to write effective native ad content. Think about the kind of engagement you’re trying to generate, and also make sure you take advantage of programmatic native advertising platforms that can pinpoint specific kinds of potential customers.
  • Measure Post-click Metrics: Keep track of how people respond to your ad. How long do they spend on your site? How many pages do they visit? What kind of actions do they take on your site? Clicks and impressions don’t mean much if they don’t translate to increased sales in the end.
  • Use Programmatic Marketing: Programmatic marketing allows your native ads to be displayed specifically to your target audience, and it all happens automatically. Using this to your advantage can extend your campaign and increase engagement.

Don’ts for Native Advertising:

  • Don’t Create Clickbait: Headlines and copy need to draw people in, but they also need to deliver. Clickbait headlines are a waste of time and only serve to anger your audience. They may click the ad initially, but they’re not going to take any action afterward. Instead, create click worthy titles that undersell and overdeliver.
  • Don’t Make it Too Long: Keep your native ad copy/content brief and to the point. People don’t take time to read long, overly complicated content.
  • Don’t Forget About Your Website: Think through where someone is going to land when they click on the ad/link. Is this content relevant, is it going to convert. It’s essential to not only consider what the content says but where you will deliver the customer. 

Platforms/Channels for Native Advertising

The key to effective native advertising is working with the proper publishers and platforms/channels. Here are a few of the platforms our team has extensive experience with:

53% of users say they are more likely to engage with a native ad than a banner ad.

Our Native Advertising Services

Our highly-skilled team works hard from several different angles to fulfill all native advertising needs. Here are the services we offer that all work together to create an effective campaign:

Audience Research

Audience Analysis

Native Platform Selection

Audience Segmentation

Audience Targeting

Creative Development

Campaign Setup

Campaign Optimization

Native Advertising Content

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