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Taking your digital marketing to the next level requires collecting data, testing variables, and making changes to improve performance. While that may seem straightforward, identifying problem areas to improve and enhance can be a bit tricky. That’s why advanced data tracking and reporting is essential to optimizing any digital marketing campaign.

Your team needs efficient data and performance reporting that measures your business’s success—and helps you identify areas for improvement. Merely collecting data is just the beginning, however, as optimization requires interpretation of data as well. You have to know what the data means before you can make changes based on your findings. After all, this data is the only way you can accurately measure how well your marketing tactics are performing. Symphonic Digital can collect and analyze all the necessary data as well as prevent common issues with data collection, storage, and analysis.

How We Use Reporting For Digital Marketing Success

Our team at Symphonic Digital approaches advanced data analysis and reporting from several different angles. First, we audit your current analytics environment and set up tracking tools to ensure the collection process is following best practices. This can involve setting up Google Analytics and site tagging to ensure we are tracking performance accurately and collecting the data we need to optimize effectively. Our team can even set up an independent ecommerce site for you.

Additionally, you’ll need to know how your ads are doing. Whether you use paid search, display ads, native ads, or any other kind of digital advertising, strong performance optimization relies on effective measurement.

Of course, we also track how effective your ads are for people who do click on them. Do those clicks end up in conversions most of the time or not? Only advanced data collection can answer that question in a meaningful way that allows for effective changes.

Data reporting is also essential for any business, and our team can handle that on many levels. Whether you want an automated data report or a custom report with full insights and recommendations, our team can meet your business needs. In fact, we can integrate multiple data streams into a single source to make it easily accessible. You’ll also be able to see the impact of one channel on another, thanks to our attribution modeling services.

Tips and Tricks for Web Analytics and Reporting

If you’re looking to audit your own website reporting, whether that be Google Analytics or another tracking platform, you’ll want to go through our reporting checklist below. Data analysis and reporting can easily go wrong if the process isn’t handled with care. While numerous steps are required to get web analytics and tracking done properly, these handy do’s and don’ts can go a long way to ensure you get the most out of your website’s user data.

Do’s for Advanced Web Analytic and Reporting

  • Check for Accuracy: Check and double-check that tags, events, and data are accurate. Oftentimes, we’ve seen analytics accounts with inflated numbers that impacted the optimization of media.
  • Take Action: Implement monthly recommendations based on insights derived from accurate data. Don’t let recommendations sit, action them.
  • Use Data to Make Decisions: Optimize top-performing media without bias. Don’t funnel money into a channel that is subjectively liked; funnel dollars into media that works based on data.

Don’ts for Advanced Web Analytic and Reporting

  • Don’t Launch Media Without Analytics: Without analytics, you cannot determine what channel or tactic is working.
  • Don’t Overlap Tags and Events: Oftentimes, multiple events are fired for one goal, which inflates performance. Events must be scrutinized.
  • Don’t Overlook Attribution. Paid media is often the first step in a user journey, but not the last. Without looking at a first-click or a position-based model, top-performing media may be overlooked or, worse, inadvertently paused.

Platform/Channels for Analytics and Reporting

We understand how much work goes into all of your digital marketing efforts, don’t let that go to waste without truly comprehending the impact of those efforts. We can make it easy for you to get a deeper understanding of ROI, finding issues, creating opportunity and so much more with our advanced web tracking & reporting.

Several different platforms/channels exist that can offer invaluable analytics and reporting, and our team has experience with them all. They include:

Are You Tracking and Collecting the Right Data? We Can Help You Get the Data You Need.

Our Advanced Web Tracking and Reporting Services

It’s essential to have accurate tracking in place to show business growth or to highlight areas of concern. This wealth of website specific data helps you evaluate key elements such as traffic patterns, user engagement, website revenue/conversion and marketing campaign success. Get the accurate analytics and valuable reporting your business needs by working with our highly experienced analytics team. Our analytics strategies and services include:

Media and Site Tagging

Custom Report Development

Performance Analysis

Goal Setting and Measurement

Data Imports

Analytics Audits and Setup

Web Analytics Content

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