So, it’s your job to optimize the websites of your B2B clients for search engines. The problem is that you don’t have the time or resources to do it.

That’s where private label SEO comes in. This concept is simple: You offer SEO services to your clients under your name, like normal. However, you outsource these services to another agency that does all the heavy lifting for you. In other words, you get all the credit without doing the work. Let us explain more.

What is private label SEO?

Private label (or white label) search engine optimization simply means offering SEO services to your business clients and then outsourcing these services to another agency. Don’t worry, your clients won’t know anything about it! Instead of spending time building links, researching keywords, optimizing meta descriptions, and carrying out other tasks, you can focus on other tasks in your business and let external SEO experts work their magic. 
As you can tell, the biggest benefit of private label SEO is more time. Delegating some or all of your optimization tasks to another agency makes sense if you have other fish to fry. But white label is also a fantastic idea if you lack advanced SEO skills. 
Say you normally focus on email marketing, but a couple of B2B clients have asked you to optimize their website for Google as well. You don’t want to lose these clients so agree to their requests but, deep down, you know you don’t really have the expertise to get their site on the first page of search results. In scenarios like this one, it’s far easier to hand off your SEO responsibilities to someone who knows what they’re doing. You’ll be happy, and so will your clients. 
Now say you don’t have any SEO skills at all. A client asks you to optimize their site, you agree because you think it will be easy, and you’re stuck gathering keywords you know nothing about. You could admit defeat and hire an in-house SEO expert (or team, if the job requires it), but that will cost you tens of thousands of dollars. By the time you onboard these new hires into your organization, your client will wonder why their site is still languishing on page four of Google. Again, in this scenario, it’s time to call in the experts who can take over SEO duties while you get back to doing what you do best. 

What is the best program to approach the needs of B2B clients?

B2B clients might approach you with different SEO requests depending on their goals. So it’s imperative to choose a private label SEO agency that can cater to all their demands and provide impeccable service. It’s your name on the line, after all. Work with an agency that understands your clients’ needs and develops a private label SEO program based on each unique use case. That might mean an international SEO strategy for clients wanting to target foreign markets or a local SEO strategy for clients targeting customers in a specific area.
Every one of your clients will benefit when you invest in private label SEO. Here at Symphonic Digital, our white label services help you fulfill each client’s preferences, no matter how obscure they might be. We provide a timeline for completion, so you can tell clients when they can anticipate results, and outline the deliverables for each project phase You (and your clients) know what to expect every single time.
You might be reluctant to invest in private label SEO. Many businesses think they will be ‘found out’ and lose clients. Others don’t want to hand over control of SEO responsibilities to a third-party company. Working with the right agency can alleviate these fears and make you realize the business benefits that white label services can bring. 

What private label SEO services are available? 

Most private label SEO companies provide packages that fit your needs and those of your clients. These packages typically include the following services:

On-page Optimization

This service includes optimizing different elements on a client’s website so they rank higher on search. It might involve gathering keywords, adding those keywords to content, and completing other tasks you don’t have time for.

Technical SEO

This service focuses on the technical elements of SEO so search bots can crawl and index your client’s site more efficiently. Technical SEO includes creating and optimizing XML sitemaps, optimizing pages for mobile, and improving page loading times. All of these jobs can increase your client’s search rankings, which they will thank you for!

SEO Audits and Reporting

Any good SEO strategy starts with an audit, which takes a deep dive into your client’s website to identify strengths and weaknesses that influence search rankings. Reporting is just as important. It’s the process of analyzing changes to your client’s site over time and learning which SEO elements provide the most value. 

Link Building 

High-quality inbound links can improve your client’s search rankings, so private label agencies will focus on finding the best and most authoritative URLs. 

Content Support

Creating content for your client’s site also improves search power. A reputable agency will create website pages and blog posts that help your client rank higher on search. 
When choosing a white label agency, you must find one with experience in B2B websites. Otherwise, your clients might not generate the SEO results they expect from your company. Symphonic Digital is a full-service digital marketing agency that can optimize websites for both B2B and B2C businesses. We use specialist private label SEO software and technology to fulfill all your clients’ needs and improve your reputation. 

Final Word

Private label SEO is a must if you don’t have the time, resources, or experience to provide B2B clients with the search engine optimization services they require. By outsourcing SEO to a reputable agency, you can focus on other tasks and still take credit for improving your clients’ search rankings, making this a valuable investment. 
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