Today we’ll be talking about three advertising options for vendors and sellers who want to use Amazon Advertising: Product Display Ads, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Brand Ads. Symphonic Digital has success with a blend of all three ads, plus well-optimized product pages. Remember: No ad type or optimization strategy works as well on its on as a strategic blend of everything working together.

The ad type you focus on will depend on your business goals. Do you want to grow your business by reaching relevant audiences on and off Amazon using a self-service advertising solution? Do you want to boost brand awareness with your logo and a customized headline in ads that appear in search results? Or do you want to improve visibility of individual products with ads that appear in search results and on product pages?

Read on to learn how you can accomplish these goals and more with the combined power of Amazon Advertising and Symphonic Digital.

Note: This is the second installment in a series on how small and medium-sized businesses can get started selling on Amazon; click here to see the first installment.

Product Display Ads

product display ad-amazon

Product Display Ads run on Amazon’s desktop and mobile sites and on its mobile app. Product Display Ads are cost-per-click ads that are triggered by a product or by a buyer’s interest. When you set up a Product Display Ad, you can choose to target a specific set of products. For example, if you sell golf clubs, you can target other golf clubs. This is a more targeted approach to ad delivery and should have a higher conversion.

Interest-based ads are much broader. Here you would set your ad to target golf and sporting goods generally. Your ad would appear to more people, but it may not convert as well as a product-targeted ad.

One approach would be to build two ads. One could trigger on specific products (golf clubs) and the other on buyer interests (golfing and sports). You could then determine which generated the best return on investment.

Your Product Display Ad could appear on a competitor’s product detail page or on search results (on the right rail or at the bottom of the page), as well as on customer-review pages and in Amazon-generated marketing emails, such as follow-ups and recommendations.

Sponsored Products

Sponsored Products - Amazon Ads

Sponsored Products Ads are keyword driven, by manual or automatic keyword targeting.

Manual keyword targeting is similar to Google Ads and other pay-per-click platforms. You start with a focused keyword list, determine the match type for each keyword (broad, phrase, or exact), and set your bid. Using Amazon’s campaign manager, you can monitor the performance of each keyword, adjust bids, and add and delete keywords.

Auto-targeting takes advantage of Amazon’s search algorithm, which finds the right keywords for optimized performance, eliminating the work of manually targeting. All you do is set the daily spend amount.

Sponsored Products usually appear in search results, on the right bar or the top or bottom of the page.

Sponsored Brand Ads

Sponsored Brand Ads - Amazon

Sponsored Brand Ads are keyword-driven and appear on the top of the search result pages. You can include up to three items in an ad or you can link the ad to your brand page, which lists all of your products.

You’ll start with a keyword list and select the match type: phrase, exact, or broad. Set a bid per keyword and track the results. Once the ad has been running for a few days, view each keyword bid and set the price for an “estimated win rate.” Test multiple ads and determine which gets the best results.

Sponsored Brand Ads are great for brand building and for top-of-funnel targeting. But be careful; the cost of Sponsored Brand Ads can add up quickly.

Need Help Getting Started?

Even with the numerous tools available through Amazon Advertising, there’s a lot of work required to create an effective marketing campaign.

With Symphonic Digital managing your campaigns, you can unleash your business in global marketplaces. Our managed campaigns can deliver up to three times the revenue of “autopilot” campaigns. Our team will consistently check the reports and optimize your campaigns based on the latest data.

Our team can help your advertising efforts every step of the way, from store setup to conversion optimization. With our expertly designed, targeted ads suited to your unique audience, you can target customers at any point in the purchase funnel. Contact us today to get started!