Have you lately seen the “New ad suggestions will auto apply soon” notification in your AdWords account (this is a Beta product so not all advertisers will see this)? Well, AdWords is automatically writing and launching paid search ads in your account and there are a couple questions you’ll want to ask yourself.

“Can I opt out?”

Yes. We’ll show you how to do this below.

“Why should I be concerned?”

This product is meant for smaller clients without a paid search agency to streamline labor allocation. While the official AdWords support page makes it look pleasing: Ad suggestions are variations of your existing text ads that may boost the performance of your Search Network campaigns. Here are a few reasons for why it may be harmful:

1. AdWords Ad Suggestions Are Not Aligned with Objectives

The goal of the campaign whose ad is shown below isn’t growing newsletter subscriptions and there is no call to action on the client’s website that addresses this.

Adwords Ad Suggestion - Symphonic Digital

Google does not have all the business information that you do and many goals may be subjective.

2. AdWords Ad Suggestions Don’t Account for Automation and Testing

Do you use labels to manage your ads? Are you running an A/B test on some ad groups? Do you use a third party PPC management software that tracks ads URLs? Well, throwing another ad in the mix will also throw out your testing and automation.

3. AdWords Ad Suggestions Create Unforeseen Problems with Affiliates

Do you have a strong brand voice and use a specific tone in your ad copies? Do you run discounts on certain brands while others do not have rights of usage during specific times? Auto added ads ignore this context.

4. AdWords Ad Suggestions Can Show Up at Anytime

If you don’t have it now, you could have it anytime in your account without a warning.

“So, back to the important part, how can I opt out of AdWords Ad Suggestions?”

Go to the account settings tab in new AdWords and click here…

How to opt out of Adwords Suggestion Beta - Symphonic Digital

“What if I use a bid management solution?”

Ads will auto-apply after 14 days, so if you manage accounts from a bid management solution, you may have missed them. Go check in the AdWords interface!

Finally – what to do?

While we understand why this can be useful for smaller clients who do not utilize a paid search agency, we DO NOT recommend this approach for any immediate- to advanced-paid search strategies or approaches. And if you are a paid search agency you should most definitely steer clear of this.

We recommend creating ad copy strategies and tests that are aligned with your client’s objective and communication style. It’s better to invest time in creating tailored ads than having to review and pause what others have written for you.