Optimizing Multiple Business Units Exceeds KPI Goals For Global Technology Company

Creating the Autonomous Digital Enterprise

BMC Software, Inc. is an American multinational information technology (IT) services and consulting, and Enterprise Software company. BMC specializes in software designed to enable an autonomous digital enterprise, developing products used for multiple functions including automation, service management, DevOps, workflow orchestration, AIOps, and security.


Maximizing Global Leads and Hitting Tight KPIs

This IT Service/Multi-cloud Management and Data Automation technology company had multiple departments, each with stringent KPIs to reach. Multiple products had been previously promoted. A new mandate was set to leverage the awareness generated to stimulate MQLs via paid search. Performance was based on hitting KPIs for 5 business units (BU) across multiple countries, across a hefty ~$1M Quarterly Budget. KPIs varied per BU yet were predominantly focused on CPL and volume expansion via online form fills.


Over a quarterly sprint, Symphonic Digital not only set up paid search across additional European countries and launched the products on Bing, but also exceeded every KPI goal within each Business Unit. Through flexible budget distribution across campaigns, within each business unit, and across countries, the budget was used most efficiently. Automated scripts alongside manual optimizations led to generating over 2.5K leads under the cost-per-lead goal of $500.


New Leads in 1st quarter of engagement


<$500 (exceeding goals)

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