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If anyone tells you that email marketing has no place in a modern digital marketing strategy, run the other way.

Sure, email has been the “ugly duckling” of B2C marketing for a while, and many of today’s marketing “ninjas” and “gurus” are happy to let it die (so they can sell you on more expensive marketing tactics).

Fortunately for your businesses, however, email marketing has a lot to offer. Symphonic Digital understands this and can help you discover the value in subscription lists.

Spam is the reason some people think email is dead. Steer clear of anything “spammy” and you’re halfway there. Make sure your business is delivering information that recipients will actually find useful. This useful content can be a honeypot for your business, increasing customer engagement, nurturing leads, and driving brand awareness.

The email messaging team at Symphonic Digital can turn the lowly email campaign into a machine that doubles your business in months. Read on to discover how our email campaign management can work for you.

Our Approach to Email Marketing

At Symphonic Digital, we understand that every business is different. While the best practices of email marketing are largely  universal, it’s critical that your unique voice stands behind every  email you send. That’s why the first step in our  approach is  getting to know you and your business position.  

Email marketing can accomplish so much, but you’ll have to define your priorities first. Are you trying to generate leads, nurture existing customers, or do something else entirely? With your objective in mind, we will build a database of email addresses. Behind every email address will be a “likely lead,” not a random person likely to hit the “unsubscribe” button. Our team will gather additional demographic information for increased personalization and effective message delivery.

With the target audience defined, we’ll create textual content, images, graphics, and whatever other dynamic elements the campaign needs. A compelling headline is the icing on the cake to make sure the recipient is drawn in and engages with the message.

When it’s time to send the email blast, we start testing. Subject lines, message timing, tone of voice, number of words … The variables are nearly infinite, but we’ll help you hone your message strategy to avoid bounce-backs and spam flags. Symphonic will monitor the results to see how each email performs. Each iteration will be stronger than the one before it, and your ROI will continue to improve.

Tips and Tricks for Email Marketing

Email marketing can take many forms, but there are quite a few universal tips you should keep in mind no matter what your goals are. Here are a few things you should always do, along with a few things you should never do.

Do’s for Email Marketing:

  • Personalize Content: If you treat your customer as just another line on a list, you’re not going to engage very well. That’s why collecting additional information like their name, age, and gender can be important. Personalizing their email makes it more engaging, and the addition of segmented lists can only increase effectiveness.
  • Implement A/B Testing: When you’re not quite sure what works yet, creating two different versions of the same email can be a great way to test. Send one version to half of the targeted list and the other version to the other half. Then, you can see which performs better and why. 
  • Optimize for Mobile: More and more users are checking their email on mobile devices, so you must be certain that your emails display properly on mobile, with no negative impact on their readability and effectiveness.

Don’ts for Email Marketing:

  • Don’t Bombard Recipients With Emails: Emails can be effective, as customers do genuinely want to hear from you when you have something to offer. Going overboard, however, can have the opposite effect. When emails are sent so frequently that they feel like spam, you only increase the chances of users unsubscribing.
  • Don’t Rely Solely on Automation: Automation can make email marketing easier, and it’s essential to some extent. Overutilizing it can make your emails feel soulless, though, which is very off-putting to readers. Automation is meant to eliminate the tedium of crafting emails, not squelch the soul you put into them.
  • Don’t’ Use or Mention Customer Unauthorized Customer Data: It’s easy to find information on email addresses such as the person’s name, gender, age, and more. While that can be helpful when it comes to creating segmented lists, don’t mention that information directly unless the customer willingly shared it first. Otherwise, your emails come off as creepy.

Platforms/Channels for Email Marketing

Email marketing is incredibly tedious if you don’t use the proper platform. Fortunately, our team has experience with all of the best ones, so you don’t have to worry if you already started your campaign on a particular platform. Our team has experience with the following:

Every $1 Spent On Email Marketing, Yields An Average Return of $42.

Our Email Marketing Services

Do you want support kicking off, managing, or improving your email outreach? We employ numerous, integrated strategies to ensure that each campaign is a success. The services we offer include:

Email Strategy

Outbound Email

Abandon Cart Emails

Email Design

Inbound Emails

Newsletter Emails

Email Deployment

Nurture Sequence Emails

Promotional Emails

Email Marketing Content

Looking for more information on how to launch, manage or improve your email marketing campaigns? Check out the posts below to discover tips for your email strategy. Want even more Symphonic Digital content? Visit our blog to see all the latest information.

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