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Display advertising began all the way back in 1994 when the first banner ad appeared on a website. It’s come a long way since then, however, these days you’ll need to do much more than slap a banner ad on a forum website if you want to target potential customers. While “banner blindness,” has become a common trait among Internet surfers, quality display ads can still be an effective way to make an impression on just about every media platform. And now that programmatic platforms and techniques have enabled marketers to talk directly to their targeted audience, display advertising has a place in every media plan.

At Symphonic Digital, we take a data-driven, performance-based approach to display advertising to produce tangible results. With the latest tools and the experience of our expert team, we can help build a display media plan that increases engagement and builds your brand.

Our Approach to Display Ad Marketing

The first step of our approach is simple: We learn as much as we can about your business. With your unique goals in mind and with knowledge of what has worked and what hasn’t worked in the past, we can craft a strategy that suits your unique marketing goals and business style.

Each aspect of our strategy is driven by tangible, quantifiable data. Remember, the end goal of all digital marketing is to grow a clients business, so all programmatic advertising and digital banner ads should be crafted to bring you closer to achieving your business goals. Our mission is to make every display ad you design perform as well as possible.

Our team also has experience finding the right partners for your ads. When it comes to digital banner ads, there are numerous agencies and platforms to deal with, so you need to make sure you’re working with the ones that can speak to your target audience and make them listen.

Once we’ve launched a programmatic display campaign we don’t just leave it alone. Our team monitors its performance by analyzing real time performance data. Based on the results, we can make changes and continuously optimize its performance to ensure you’re always getting the most out of your display ads and campaigns.

Tips and Tricks for Digital Display Advertising

Display advertising is both a science and art, it’s a true marriage of creative attention-grabbing text and imagery as well as proper, data-driven placement. Here are a few do’s and don’ts for any display advertising campaign.

Do’s for Display Advertising:

  • Choose the Right Images: It’s crucial to pick the right images for the product/service and the target market. Keep images simple and make sure you have them in multiple sizes and formats.
  • Know Your Targeting: You’ll have to decide if you want to target users based on contextual or viewer-based information. Contextual is specific to topics or keywords, whereas viewer-based targets your desired audience base.
  • Test, Test, Test: There are many variables that can lead to a successful or unsuccessful display campaign, so testing is crucial. Test budgets, targeting and imagery to keep budgets in check and improve performance.

Don’ts for Display Advertising:

  • Don’t Rely on One Network: Google Display Network is great but there are others that could be a better fit for your brand. Diversification is always a good play.
  • Don’t Send People to the Homepage: Link your ads to pages that will convert. The goal, especially for retargeting, is to get someone back to the site to buy. Don’t waste that on a homepage visit.
  • Don’t Use Too Much Copy: People are not going to stop and read your ad. Keep it direct and to the point.

Platform/Channels Used in Display Ad Marketing

Several platforms and channels can facilitate display ads, and you need to make sure whichever one(s) you work with can reach your targeted audience. Fortunately, the team at Symphonic Digital has experience with all the best, including:

Nearly 50% of marketers lack the knowledge and skills to run programmatic ads successfully! Are you getting the most out of your budget?

Our Digital Display Advertising Services

When you’re selecting a partner for your programmatic display campaigns, there are several questions you need to ask first to ensure your display advertising efforts are in good hands.

  1. Who is actually controlling the campaign? When you work with a partner on your display campaigns, you want to make sure they have an in-house team handling the work with the attention and care it deserves.
  2. Is your display advertising meeting your goals? Regardless who manages your display ads, you need to make sure they know your goals rather than selling you a “one-size-fits-all approach.” Your products/services and your audience are unique, and your display ads must reflect that.
  3. How much of the cost is going into your ads? Your partner’s prices should be attributed mostly to the cost of the media — the actual ad inventory.. Consider how much is going into your display campaigns and how much is going right into their pockets.

Our team works with several different strategies at once to ensure your display advertising efforts are covered from all angles. Here are the services our team offers for display ad campaigns:

Landing Page Development

DSP Partner Selection

Campaign Optimization

Creative Ad Development

Data Partner Selection

A/B Testing Ads

Audience Analysis

Campaign Setup


Audience Targeting

Display Advertising Content

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