There is an in-house vs agency debate that many companies regularly have —from new start-ups to well-established businesses. Some believe that the expertise and experience of professional marketing companies are vital to business success. Others believe it is better to grow a marketing team organically so that the culture and values of the company are properly reflected in its marketing efforts. 

What is the Difference Between Agency and In-House Marketing?

An in-house marketing department is comprised of employees who work for the company. A team may consist a content creator, a graphic design specialist, a social media engagement expert, a media buyer specialist, and an SEO specialist.

Agency marketing is an outsourced operation. You will hire an external firm to work with your company to provide specialized services. An agency marketing team consists of individuals who span a range of specialties, including marketing, copywriting, graphic design, public relations, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing.  

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

A professional marketing agency provides everything your company requires to market, promote, and advertise your brand and products. Agencies offer comprehensive strategies and customized solutions to your business needs. Here are some of the benefits of hiring a marketing agency:

1. Risk-Averse Marketing Strategy

Hiring a professional firm to develop and implement your marketing strategy is the least risk-averse option. Marketing agencies that have helped other companies succeed are likely to help you achieve the same outcome. This will save you from pursuing an unsound strategy that could lead to wasted money and poor results. 

2. Marketing Expertise

Marketing agencies work with various technologies, clients, and industries. They have the insight and data to prove the efficacy of their recommendations. and the resilience and capability to drive your strategy forward.

3. Cost and Time Efficient

Hiring professionals is more cost-effective and will provide faster results. 

4. Scalability

A marketing agency allows you to scale your efforts depending on the nature of your products or the season in which you launch them.

5. Quantifiable Results

The agency you work with will establish metrics. It will provide data on the total number of conversions, cost per conversion, conversion rate by marketing channel, and reach and engagement levels. They can help you refine your strategy based on the numbers. Well-trained marketing professionals provide flexible reporting and reliable data. 

6. Access to Better Tools and Resources

Full-service marketing firms are on the leading edge of industry trends and technology. The agency you work with will use analytical reports, software, and the best data to find your target market.

7. Flexibility

The marketing agency you hire will want to work in partnership with you. The agency will adopt your goals and adjust plans as necessary to reach them.

8. Fresh Perspective

Fresh eyes and fresh thinking can revive a flagging marketing campaign. A marketing agency can bring new ideas and perspectives to your company. They can spot new opportunities for you to grow.

Disadvantages of Hiring a Marketing Agency

There can be disadvantages to hiring a marketing agency. Here are some of them:

1. Culture Clash

The way your people work and interact may differ completely from that of the agency. From different dress codes to different ways of speaking, the ethos and manners of the marketing company may make it hard for them to work with your people effectively.

2. Different Visions

You may have specific ideas about your marketing campaign, and the agency you hire may try to convince you their vision is better. This can lead to tension between the two teams.

When Should You Hire a Marketing Agency?

Here are some of the signs that you may need to hire a marketing agency:

1. Sales are Stagnant

If you have good reason to believe there is a market for your product or service, but sales still lag, it may indicate that your marketing campaign is ineffective. A marketing agency can give you some insight into where you may be going wrong and how they can help.

2. You Realize You Need Marketing Experts

Your marketing team may not have the knowledge and skill to improve sales numbers. A marketing agency can provide the kind of insight that will help bolster their effectiveness.

3. Your Sales Team Cannot Find Good Leads

Even a first-rate and hard-working sales force can fall short on this front. A professional marketing agency can help you generate new leads and new sales conversions.

Benefits of Having an In-house Marketing Team

Here are some of the benefits of establishing an in-house marketing team:

1. Greater Control of the Process

When the marketing team works directly for you, it is much easier to align your marketing campaign with your company’s values, vision, and priorities.

2. Insourcing Benefits

Spending money on an in-house team means the return redounds to your company. You will be investing in the growth of your employees and your business. 

3. You Get to Build Your Dream Team

You can put together a council of talents. Sometimes a specific combination of people can reinvigorate a flagging marketing campaign.

Disadvantages of In-house Marketing

Here are some disadvantages of in-house marketing:

1. Routine

Your marketing team will focus almost exclusively on the job. This has its advantages but can also lead to less creativity and missing out on possible growth opportunities.

2. Lack of Experience and Knowledge

In-house marketing departments tend to lack a diverse range of marketing knowledge and skills.

When to Build an In-House Marketing Team?

If you establish a marketing department that will play a significant role in your long-term business strategy, then you should build an in-house marketing team. This will allow you to select the individuals who will become resident marketing experts.

You should also build an in-house marketing team if you don’t want to spend time coordinating plans and processes with an external agency.

Is a Digital Marketing Agency Right for Your Business?

While the Internet and social media make it easier for businesses to promote themselves and reach a large audience, only experts have the insight and ability to reach the people who are most likely to purchase your product.

As an executive or business owner, you must decide which kind of marketing team is best suited to your company. Symphonic Digital is a full-service marketing firm. We offer a wide range of customized digital marketing services. Contact us today to see how we can help your company grow.