Some small companies overlook the value a paid search marketing agency can bring to their marketing mix.

The benefits of paid search marketing (also called PPC, though technically there are differences) go far beyond giving you just “another” channel to display ads to your prospective customers.

Because paid search marketing can be highly customized, it gives you you precise, timely targeting and tight control over a campaign’s parameters. In turn, engagement with PPC/Google Ads/Bing Ads campaigns — or lack thereof — gives you, the small business owner, valuable data that can be used to make critical marketing decisions.

5 Hidden Benefits of The Paid Search Marketing Agency Approach

So, while Google Ads (formerly known as Adwords) campaigns and other platforms provide another way to show ads to consumers, their real capabilities go far beyond that. To truly understand exactly how important these capabilities can be for your business, consider the following five benefits.

Paid Search Marketing Agencies Can Deliver Immediate Incentives

Unlike nearly every other channel, paid search campaigns can be configured and activated in minutes. This capability offers the best way to provide up-to-the-minute responses to market conditions or to offer incentives that steer search audiences towards your products over competitors.

Paid search is the only channel where you can buy inventory for competing brand names, for example. By running ads targeting competitor terms, you can promote your own like products and services as a better alternative to capture market share; especially when a competitor is running a popular promotion. You can also create time-sensitive offers to increase demand for certain items or capture a surge in search interest.

Unlike organic search, these time-sensitive and ad-hoc promotions can be taken up or down within minutes, helping you respond to positive or negative consumer engagement and market factors in real-time.

Target Customers With Real Purchase Intent

Most other marketing channels fail to reach someone during the time they intend to buy, but paid search has the ability to target people during moments of obvious purchase intent. By using longer-tail keywords such as “order sunglasses online,” you know that the search user is getting ready to commit to buying rather than just researching.

Search ads are only displayed when someone is actively looking for information for the exact products or services you offer rather than targeting someone with a general interest but no solid idea of what they want yet.

Prioritize and Boost Ads for the Right Audience

With remarketing campaigns and the *similar audiences feature (new search beta), advertisers can dynamically increase bids for qualified audiences most likely to purchase, such as people who have visited your website or who resemble converters. This practice stretches tight budgets and adds efficiency to each ad exposure.

Google Ads for Small Business: Instantly Respond to Changes

Now that Google has opened their backdoor with Google Scripts, advertisers can connect to data sources in order to trigger ad variations based on nearly every and any condition one can think of. This means creating relevant conditional triggers to create timely campaigns to respond to fluctuations in market conditions based on the weather, stock prices, traffic conditions, currency rates, and more.

With this capability in hand, a company could capture search volume for “cheap restaurants near me” by increasing bids when road construction causes gridlock on the interstate. Or, a retailer could launch ads for a highly in-demand product every time new supply runs are announced in the news.

Paid Search Campaigns as Business Intelligence

In addition to accomplishing short-term campaign goals, paid search ads can inform long-term strategies for your company through the engagement data it creates.

For instance, a national chain could decide which products to feature most prominently in storefronts and local print ads based on search interest for each geographic area. Search Query Reports and Competitive Reports can help you identify competitors you have not yet considered and determine strategies on how to address them.

Paid search engagement can also help you allocate your budget for the month or quarter based on monthly search interest. You may even discover opportunities for developing new products or services according to demand hinted at by your Search Query Report.

What Benefits Can An Expert Paid Search Marketing Agency Deliver?

Practices like the ones described above help you spend your budget efficiently by maximizing returns and focusing on timely factors that ensure your brand has a greater share-of-voice during pivotal moments. Google Ads for small business have the power to let you compete with the bigger players in your industry.

Executing these types of campaigns is easier said than done, though. Timely PPC campaigns require diligent monitoring and knowledge of how to build and budget your campaign. Highly targeted campaigns, especially ones run against competitor terms, demand diligent keyword research beforehand, and follow-up optimizations to squeeze more ROI out of each successful campaign.

For these reasons, many companies choose to trust in digital marketing experts who have the experience and knowledge to make their paid search efforts pay off in big ways. You can get the most of your own campaigns, and ensure they fit well within your overall marketing strategy, by working with an experienced paid search marketing agency today.

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